Channel Book

By remaining at home, you can partake in kids' nursery activities. With a daily report from the management, your discussions with your kids in the evening will be more productive.


Establish a profile for your child that provides data about their birthday, gender, and religion so that the nursery administration is mindful of your preferences.

Cash In-Out

Manage all of your financial transactions on one platform. The payment methods will be hassle-free thanks to this cash flow management of our app.


Get to know the curricular activities, so you know what your kid knows. You can compare the value with your expenses and get updated about the syllabi.


As long as you and your child have access, you can view the events and activities in class. You will feel relieved from handling the album with Kiddowz pictorials. 


Receive messages from the nursery administration informing you about your child, class, or nursery. Every single beep will bring you nearer to your child.


Receive a nursery's follow-up on the children's feeding, attendance, toileting, and conduct at the nursery. Parents are also now a part of their kids' nursery systems.

Food Menu

Get access to your child's class menu for food. Make decisions and implement adjustments based on your children's mental and physical health.


It is essential to set the kids' attendance daily to keep track of their whereabouts and activities, and we cover all the crucial aspects.


Nursery management need not list the kids having a birthday this month. Kiddowz manages this with a systematic approach; you control the event.


You work on creating all events in one day, after which you receive notifications all year round. The parents will also be notified automatically.

Parent Questions

Kiddowz makes life simpler for parents to get in touch with the nursery management anytime and ask questions. 

Customer Support

Nursery staff and parents can get support from a qualified team using the app; our formal business whatsapp is available 24/7.

Staff Management

Nursery owners can add a Manager with full access to management and teachers, assign them to a specific class or task, and perform a nursery follow-up.

Multi Users

If you have more than one kid, we have more than one user interface. To help you track every kid separately.

Wait for none; make it done.