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As we consider how to handle the educational processes for children in a more engaging way, we frequently question the veracity of Egyptian parents and nursery owners. Childhood is a stage that requires a lot of monitoring, whether at daycare or at home. The parental control feature is also included in various social networking apps now.

These catalysts encourage us to produce a Mobile application for nurseries that covers all kids' activities. Parents and staff members can access information about what children are doing in nurseries and at home. The aim of the Kiddowz app is to provide a platform that can be used by both parents and childcare staff to monitor children's activities and access data about their daily activities.

We give early learning nursery management with tracking and all relevant information in an integrated form using our Kiddowz apps. With the help of the Kiddowz app, families can become more involved and devoted to the activities. Kiddowz app facilitates the exchange of information between parents and teachers, allowing parents to track their kids' progress in nursery better. It helps parents understand what their children are learning, so they can better aid them in their educational development. Kiddowz is here to revolutionise the Nursery system in Egypt.

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